Lazy writer, yep, sums it up

I was shocked to look at my blog and find I hadn’t written a post since April. I mean, I knew I had been slacking, but that’s the longest hiatus I’ve taken since starting my blog back in 2011. In my defense, I’ve had a lot going on.

I went on my bachelorette cruise to the Bahamas with my favorite people.



I got married to my best friend.


We built a house.


Oh, and I’m working on my MBA. Plus, I’ve got that whole full-time job thing going on. So, totally lazy slacker over here. But, now that we are settling into our new home and hoping to avoid any major life changes for at least a little while, it is time to get back to it! I look forward to filling 2016 with more self-deprecating humor, foodie adventures, stories from my yoga journey, dog pictures and foster tales, and recounting my world travels.

I might pop back in for few more posts this month, but in the meantime, wishing you all a safe & happy holiday!

xoxo, Brittany



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