Relax, she’s just not wearing eyeliner

Going a long stretch without writing, it is always a tentative step back into the pool. There is a sense of shame, felt more strongly when you publicly share your blog, and it often keeps you delaying your plunge back in. Where to start? There are so many recent events I neglected to share – do I try to recap all at once, one at a time, not at all? Does anyone still read this thing? When I get right down to it; however, I realize I write for me – not for you. Sharing is a perk, feedback is a bonus, but the outpouring is the therapy I really need.

On my mind today, and in no particular order.

The radio and my MSN newsfeed are abuzz about Uma Thurman’s new look. A semi-expert in the art of how makeup application can alter your whole look, I can say with reasonable confidence that the woman just chose not to wear eyeliner last night. I mean, has no one else seen the panda meme? A panda without its black eye rings looks like an awkward plush toy – so do I (and apparently Uma) when we skip the ceremonial inking of the eyes. I say kudos to her for scaling back the makeup. We all need to be more comfortable in our own skin. And if I’m wrong and she did go under the knife – WHO GIVES A CRAP? Come on people, priorities. Did anyone else read that we are kinda maybe gonna go to war soon? Anyone? Bueller?


So the war thing. Haven’t yet sorted through my feelings on this one, but I’m torn between wanting to murder the bastards that keep offing our citizens travelling abroad and the part of me that feels strongly we need to stop interjecting ourselves in other countries politics, as this is what makes us a target in the first place.

Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show makes me really sad. I have never sat down and watched a whole episode, but the clips I see pop in my newsfeed here and there are always entertaining. I hope we don’t stop stating the obvious in a totally sarcastic and non-subtle way when he’s finally done. It’s a role we need desperately in this age of information overload and blatant media manipulation.

Kanye West is a narcissistic ass. Why does this still surprise people?

Brian and I attended our first night of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course last night, and it’s opened up some sensitive areas, but we are both hopeful it will help steer us on the path of smart shared finances and goal setting as we join our households and bank accounts this coming June. More on this to come I’m sure.

I’m considering adding product reviews, book reviews, restaurant reviews, etc., to my blog – but I don’t want to seem too commercial or gimmicky. I hate the feeling that the bloggers I enjoy are being paid to endorse a product and not offering honest feedback. What I do appreciate is a first-hand account of a product/place/food I’ve wanted to try but been hesitant about, and that’s what I want to offer to the blogosphere. Thoughts?

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