On planning a wedding: The Dress

While some of you may have been laboring over a cold beer at the pool this weekend, I was laboring myself in and out of wedding gowns. No joke, it is serious work. My back was a little achey at the end of the day from hoisting up dresses which weighed nearly as much as I do. I can’t really complain though, it was every bit as fun as you’d think being a human doll would be. I’ll admit I love when I’m in the spotlight — combine that with lace, sparkly stuff and champagne, and I’m in absolute heaven. Figuratively of course.

Side Note: Thanks to The Bloggess, (if you don’t know who she is, then find out right now) I learned today that ‘they’ have actually changed the dictionary definition of literally because people kept  using it incorrectly. For example, had I used ‘literally’ in place of ‘figuratively’ in the above, I’d literally be wrong. I think it is still generally understood that to be in Heaven you must be dead or just about done dying. However; illiterates rejoice! We’ve once again dumbed down the English language for you and now you may use these words interchangeably. Congrats on contributing to the downfall of our entire culture.

But, I digress. Now back to sparkly stuff.

Unfortunately I can’t actually post any pictures, or really even tell you anything about the dress. A) Because I totally failed at posing and all of them looked terrible of my face and B) because I want it to be a surprise, duh! What I can tell you is I didn’t have to compromise one bit. After trying on a billion dresses and loving something about all of them, I finally found a dress that will have everything I want – no compromises. We are going to have to customize it a bit, but that will make it one-of-a-kind, like me 🙂

What I can tell you is I had the best day with the best people. They appropriately oohed and aahed, and, when I came out in something they found atrocious – fell deathly silent. I took the hint, and one thing I can tell you is I was quickly forced to nix the short dress idea. That’s just a tiny spoiler.

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2 thoughts on “On planning a wedding: The Dress

  1. Did you literally give us a grammar lesson?

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