On cleansing – Day 2 and 3 recap

I’ll lead with the answer to the burning question this time – I’m down about a total of 5 lbs, and I don’t expect to lose much more. After my initial three pound drop, day 2 saw another 1.4 pounds down and day 3 only about .5. I’ve been told that if you follow the recommendations and eat a mostly plant-based diet following the cleanse you can continue to lose weight. Given I’ll be travelling, that may be a challenge, but I am certainly going to try my best.

Day 2 was much easier than the first day, although I had mountains of temptation thrown my way. I’ve heard you’re supposed to excuse yourself from social situations to avoid being tempted, but I had plans I couldn’t cancel. I have to reiterate that I’m amazed I’ve never actually been ‘hungry’ through this whole process. Those who know me well (or have been faithful readers) know by now that I am the originator of the term ‘hangry.’ A hungry or tired Brittany is not one you’d like to keep company with. Aside from some minor irritability the morning of day 2, I’ve been fairly even keeled. Here are the pluses so far:

  1. I wake up more easily, and often before the alarm. Typically I hit snooze 2-3 times before I get out of bed, but I’m finding I don’t need to. They say increased energy is a possible side effect, but I was skeptical. Glad I was wrong on this point. I’ve gained more time in the morning and even made it to work early two days in a row. 
  2. I have more energy throughout the day, and find I stay alert. Pre-cleanse I would drink a cup of English breakfast tea first thing when I arrived to work, and possibly an Earl Grey or Chai tea about 2-3pm. Then I’d have a lighter green tea around 4. I needed to punctuate my day with caffeine because I constantly felt tired. That has not been the case these last three days. 
  3. I feel skinny. If I look at a salty snack I bloat. No matter how much I workout, if I enjoy some cheese or a salted caramel brownie, my body starts holding water like I’ve been stranded in the desert for days on end and my very life depends on it. Yes, maybe my diet these days tastes a little bland, but man I. feel. skinny! No more bloat. My face feels and looks thinner, and I know it’s not just in my head because my rings are little loose too. 

I’m working through the final day of my four day cleanse, and I can’t lie I’m a little excited to wrap this up because I simply miss the act of chewing. I did eat a few veggies Sunday and Monday just because I was in social situations where it was awkward not to, but this is allowed in the cleanse guide. I stuck to raw fruits and veggies with no dips or dressings. More updates to come! 


3 thoughts on “On cleansing – Day 2 and 3 recap

  1. Is beer acceptable during the cleanse? It is a liquid…

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