A joining of households

So there was that time I got engaged. Now, we are starting the process of officially joining households. This naturally begins with Brian selling all his stuff. Okay, that sounded pretty terrible. Y’all probably just texted Brian to ‘run for the hills’ and ‘get out while he can’ but in all practicality, my stuff is just more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve got better taste, ok? Alright, that’s unfair too. Brian has nice taste, but mine is a bit more eclectic and I’ve already gathered a motely array of furnishings that 100% fill my one-bedroom condo, so there just isn’t room for his. That, and Brian is amazing and knows how to pick his battles. We are going to totally ace marriage.

Oh – you want me to go back to the one-bedroom condo bit? Yeah… about that. Brian has this great three-bedroom house, but we are in love with the Dilworth/Southend area. That means we are going to jam into my little condo for the next year. It will be close quarters for sure, but we’ve agreed it’s worth it. For one, it will be a wonderful pre-marital test. If we can survive on zero closet space for a whole year, I’m thinking we can easily clear a lifetime together. (Did I mention the two cats and two dogs? Did I mention we all sleep in the same queen bed?) And secondly, our neighborhood provides ample opportunity to venture outside, and that’s why we love it. From our runs around the ‘hood, to the neighborhood breweries, to our yoga studio, and nearby restaurants, we just can’t let go. So tiny home it is!

What does all this mean? It means garage sale! I love garage sales. I love the haggling. I love that odd combination of sadness and relief. Sad to let it go, but relieved to shed all the stuff you’ve accumulated. And above all else, I love the people watching. You meet all sorts at garage sales, and I’ve got a feeling I’m going to have no lack of material for my next posting…


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