And then there was that time I got engaged

I’ve long been a cynic when it comes to love and marriage. A brief lapse into a hopeful “I think I’d prefer a wedding in the mountains” was always quickly followed with a bitter “if I ever get married.” But I found a man who saw through my cynicism and knew that deep down I wanted marriage, and love, and all the romance — I was just scared. A child of divorce, I’ve always been skeptical that a marriage could last. I’ve had a gripping fear that I’d give my heart to someone and then one day, they’d just decide they didn’t want it any more. Better to be safe from potential soul-crushing heartbreak than to take the risk, right?

On our first year anniversary, Brian created a beautiful collage of our past year together. It had all our foster pups, our various races we’d run (1/2 marathon in his case, 5ks in mine), the trips to Asheville, Valentine’s flowers, etc. It was thoughtful, sweet – perfectly Brian. At the bottom of that collage he included a quote —


It was then that I first realized Brian saw past my bullshit, past the hard exterior I’d learned to wear and into my heart. That terrified me. With my mask off I was vulnerable. And vulnerable, I could have my heart broken.

Another reason I love my husband-to-be (hope that didn’t spoil the story, it’s in the title after all) is his patience. He patiently waited for 5 more months until I figured out what he had long since understood. We fit. We were good together, and he loved me – that wasn’t going to change. And so on Friday, April 25th Brian asked, and I said yes.



Engagement1 (2)


And I may be a little obsessed with my ring, I think it deserves it’s own story 🙂

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6 thoughts on “And then there was that time I got engaged

  1. Sarah says:

    Way to make me cry! You guys are so great together, I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully I find a guy like Brian someday. 🙂

  2. lilqwnb says:

    You absolutely will, Sarah. You better plan a trip to the states in Fall 2015 🙂

  3. Jeffrey Flower says:

    What a great story…but I have to laugh at the end…you say your ring has it’s own story…but your blog has a burger king ad at the bottom with a Chicken. I watched it and was like……That’s the best ring story ever!!! I will forever associate your ring with burger king chicken sammiches!!

    Love you both

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