Greenville, SC: The New Charleston

This weekend a girlfriend and I decided we needed a mini-getaway. We initially planned to make use of her family’s condo in Myrtle Beach, but a forecast of rain put a literal ‘damper’ on our plans. Rather than have our girls’ weekend thwarted, we started to brainstorm other ideas. We tossed out Savannah, somewhere in Tennessee — and then there was a faint tug on my brain; something about a not-too-distant town that sat on a river and offered fantastic dining, picturesque scenery and great local shopping. ‘Aha!’ I thought to myself — why not check out Greenville, SC?

We were not disappointed.


Friday evening took us to the river front and a highly recommended restaurant called The Lazy Goat. I pride myself on my love of a variety of cuisines, but this was a new spin. We were treated to a menu of Mediterranean tapas with global inspiration. Our libation of choice was a white wine sangria garnished with lime and strawberry. First course were lovely little bites of fried goat cheese with vanilla dusting and pistachio – we were greeted with a scent reminiscent of freshly-fried mini donuts — the inside was a delicious creaminess. I’m pretty sure we both let out an audible moan after the first bite. For our second course we enjoyed mussels with chorizo, garlic and pancetta (yum!) and a Cuban pizza with rosemary roasted pork, pickle slivers and provolone. Last but not least was a braised veal shank with broccollini and lyonnaise potatoes floating happily in a tomato and Gorgonzola cream sauce. It. Was. Amazing.

On our walk to grab an after-dinner drink, we started to notice familiar restaurant names. High Cotton from Charleston, Camille’s, Dixie’s and Connolly’s from Charlotte. We suspect they have the same owners, and that we aren’t the only ones who found this charming town to be a perfect substitute for a weekend in the South’s pet city of Charleston. Prices were cheaper, food was nearly as good, and the parking — well let’s just say you didn’t need to hike a few miles from your car to the city center. I even preferred the shopping. Greenville hasn’t yet been consumed with designer labels that push out anything local, hand-crafted and artsy. I picked up some gorgeous hand-crafted wood kitchen stuffs.

Below is the view from The Lazy Goat’s terrace. We didn’t get to attend the jazz festival — but we certainly enjoyed the view.


The rest of the weekend brought more edible indulgences (creamy grits with chipotle cream — all you can eat too! lobster risotto, dutch apple and goat cheese nestled inside a flaky pastry, spinach and cheddar scones, the list goes on..) as well as some indulgences of the soul. We enjoyed spa services at our hotel accompanied by my favorite form of therapy – white wine.

It was a solid 36 hours, but we will definitely be making a return trip. I look forward to biking along the river and meandering through the zoo. I regrettably left some shops unvisited and delicacies untasted. We also have to stop in for a refill.


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One thought on “Greenville, SC: The New Charleston

  1. lbkirsop says:

    Glad you enjoyed Greenville! 😉 As a Greenvillian, who is probably moving to Columbus, Ohio here soon, I’m going to miss it tremendously!

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