Windows down kinda weather

Today is one of those days where your spirit just lifts a little higher. The sky is the perfect Carolina blue. The clouds are white, cottony fluff. The temperature is almost a perfect seventy degrees — windows down kinda weather. The kinda weather that whispers of possibility.

4blog blue skies (1)

These are my favorite days. It signals the transition back into the warmth that makes this the only place in the states I could ever imagine living. Nothing – nothing at all – can beat those days where I roll the windows down, turn my country up and just drive. If it weren’t for work I’d have been tempted to keep driving until it finally felt right to stop.

Maybe it’s the windows down kinda weather, or maybe it’s something else, but I feel restless today. Like I’m longing for an adventure? A new challenge? A big life change?

Typically when I start to get this feeling it means it’s time to leave the country. Get my mind blown by something ancient, artfully crafted or indescribably delicious. Or, other times it means something as simple as a change in hair color. I’ve been fancying something red, dramatic.

Whatever the reason, it signals that some part of my soul isn’t sated. My mind drifts, yearns for a fulfilling distraction.

Maybe I’ll puzzle it out next week. I’m taking the week off to spend with my BFF who is visiting from Argentina. Her timing couldn’t have been better. As someone said to me today — ‘time off does wonders for the soul.’

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