I’ve been pushing myself harder than I probably ever have before. Since the start of January I’ve increased my weekly workout volume from about once or twice a week sporadically, to 3-6 times a week consistently. That was a big jump.

This weekend was my first competitive race of the year. I ran the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, North Carolina. An NCSU tradition, it involves running 2.5 miles to the local Krispy Kreme, downing a dozen donuts, and then running 2.5 miles back. After completing what I thought would be the hardest part — eating my weight in sugary, fried dough — it ended up being my knee and not my stomach that gave up on me.

So I’ve faced my first major setback. I’m limping around with an injured knee. It hurts to go up stairs, it hurts to come down stairs. It hurts to walk for any extended period of time. My boyfriend has given be the endearing name of ‘hobblit’ — which is more appropriate than you may know (I happen to be a ginormous nerd and hope that anyone who reads my blog is too.) I have an appointment tomorrow with an orthopedist, and I have a sinking feeling I’ll be out of commission for awhile — maybe even a surgery in my future.

I’m frustrated, and mad, and disappointed, and discouraged. I was making incredible progress — reaching levels of both dedication and fitness I hadn’t before. I was creating habits, and sticking with them. Now my ambitions are derailed because my body was just too weak to keep up. But I won’t give up. Running and hiking might be off the menu – at least for now – but I still intend to push my yoga practice and maybe even add something new to my repertoire. Maybe spin? More time on the elliptical? A greater dedication to strength training?

It’s only a minor setback.

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