Coffee shops and drag queens

I’ve had this idea in my head (a positively ridiculous idea) that an unspoken initiation into the cult of writers is to sit and write in a coffee shop while distractedly sipping on scalding hot beverages. Today I perform the ritual for the first time.


I hope that whomever oversees these sorts of things is paying attention. This is the one occasion where I would allow and approve of stalking — that I would find it acceptable for my Web cam to be converted into a spying device so that finally, I could publicly be branded a writer.

They caught me!

They found me!

This past weekend was all kinds of awesome. The boyfriend and I are on a ‘no alcohol for February’ challenge. We are learning to have sober fun in the hopes of dropping a few lbs (pronounced ell-bees) and enjoying all the other healthful perks of a detox. Thank goodness this weekend was entertaining all by itself, because I’m a bit of a wall-hugger when sober. I’m the epitome of a social drinker — without a little liquid courage, I go all introvert.

What were the highlights of my weekend you ask? Well, a few good friends of ours dressed in drag for charity. Heterosexual, manly friends. Frequent followers know that I am a huge supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis foundation — in part for the cause but also for the incredible people I meet who share my passion. One of our friends had a planned transformation to support CF, the other was solicited on the spot. I’m not sure he would like a public outing on my blog, otherwise I’d share a picture. To offer a rough mental image, as a man he is blonde and blue-eyed with a slim build. Minus the chest hair and prominent Adam’s apple, the impromptu special guest star made quite the convincing woman. With pink hair, pink skirt and amply filled leopard print tube top, he put on a bachelor-party-worthy performance to the tune of “All the Single Ladies” — an appropriately timed homage to Beyoncé. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in — well — I don’t know if I’ve laughed that hard ever. The experience reaffirmed my suspicion that at this point in my life I’m surrounded by pretty much the most awesome people possible.

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