Hey Brittany, how’d January go?

Well I am so glad  you asked! At the beginning of the month I made several resolutions. I know you’ve been held in suspense without daily updates, so here’s the rundown:

  1. No fried foods – With the exception of a single bite of spring roll on January 8th (I temporarily forgot that crispy dough had to be fried to get that way) and a weakness for condiments which top tortilla chips — I made it! My PIC (partner-in-crime) and I decided to re-classify tortilla chips as non-fried. The sneaky bastards just kept creeping in there. We didn’t really mean to eat them, but how else do you shovel salsa into your pie hole? 
  2. Weekly blog posts – This post marks numero cinco for January! Goal achieved 🙂
  3. Training for a half marathon – I can’t lie, I am particularly pleased with myself on this one. My first run was on January 6th. I made it about 5+ miles, but I walked a good 1.5-2 miles. More importantly, I was gasping through my first mile and sheer will pushed me through an effort to walk the last. This morning was my latest run. I only went 3.25 miles, but I ran the ENTIRE way. I’m averaging about a 10 min/mile pace. In a little over three weeks I’ve upped my endurance from running one mile shakily to running over three miles with relative ease. I’ll call that progress, and I’ll call myself pleased as punch!


    Met my goal for the week by Tuesday morning!

  4. Call my Mother every Sunday – I’ve almost made this goal 4 out of 5 weeks. I say ‘almost’ because I tend to forget on Sunday — but I always remember on Monday. Except of course this week, when I forgot until Wednesday but didn’t get a chance to call before she called first. I’m a terrible daughter.
  5. Meditate once a week – On this one I pretty much completely failed. Although, I have been going to yoga once a week which some people consider to have similar benefits to meditation. So, I’ll call this only a partial failure for January. We shall see if I can finally get back to it next month!
  6. Increase my retirement contribution – Nailed it.
  7. I will set February’s resolutions on January 31st – In month one of 2013 I met about 85% of my resolution goals. One of the mistake I think I made was squeezing in too many. Here goes my slimmed down list for February, and the last of my January resolutions!

February Resolutions

Limit fried foods to once per week
No alcohol for the month
Make blogging & running habits, not just resolutions (they say it takes 6 weeks & I’m over halfway there)
Meditate once a week
Call your mother weekly (day no longer relevant)

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3 thoughts on “Hey Brittany, how’d January go?

  1. Mary says:

    i love that you have monthly resolutions! Great way to stay motivated each month

    • lilqwnb says:

      Thanks Mary! I’ve found them to be very helpful. In years past I’d attempted a blanket “I’ll work out three times a week” and almost always was back to my couch potato ways by week three. I’m hoping I’ll build habits by breaking it down into monthly challenges!

  2. Pamela (aka the mother) says:

    Never a terrible daughter!!!

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