January Resolutions

I absolutely refuse to make a New Year’s resolution. I never keep them, and for that reason they tend to be the same each year. You’ve probably already read a self-help advice column (or two) during your own resolution setting that has cautioned against setting unrealistic goals. I’ve read those too. And that’s why this year I’m setting monthly resolutions. I figure I can do just about anything for thirty days. If I like it well enough, maybe it will stick a bit longer.

So for January, I commit to the following resolutions:

  1. I will abstain from eating all fried foods (day 3 and still going strong!)
  2. I will vow to add at least one new blog post each week (this baby makes numero uno, only 3 more weeks to go!)
  3. I will increase my retirement contribution (knocked this one out today!)
  4. I will meditate at least once a week (running out of time on this one, but I’ll get it in!)
  5. I will start training for a half marathon (training begins Sunday!)
  6. I will call my mother every Sunday to make sure she’s still alive (it’s important to stay connected!)
  7. I will set February’s resolutions on January 31st

Looking back on 2012, my resolutions weren’t a complete and total failure. I wanted to become healthy, happy and successful. I may not have those chiseled biceps and flat stomach I was after, but I managed a 28-mile hike, took up yoga, reignited my passion for writing, and reached important milestones in my career. And despite all my moaning about being a single cat lady forever… well let’s just say I may have been wrong on that one.

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