This one is a quickie and mostly a gush over my new Microsoft surface. For my friends who are Apple fans, you may want to skip this one. Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, I hope you’ll at least appreciate that the addition of the Surface to my cache of Microsoft products will likely increase my blog activity exponentially. So please, bear with me through this brief commercial plug. (I was in no way compensated for this post, I’m just a huge fan.)

I’ve spent the last two hours customizing my Christmas present. Not building, not playing with, and not setting up. Nope, I’ve been customizing. I’ve been downloading tons of apps and placing their colorful little icons in nice, neat groupings with descriptive labels like “Media” and “Web Favorites.” My new Microsoft Surface is perfect for someone with an odd affection for organization (some may call it OCD.) I’ve always cringed from the iPad’s pages and pages of unorganized apps, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the layout and flexibility of Windows 8 which offers a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing array of active live tiles.

I have visions of myself sitting in coffee shops, streaming radio and writing away. I now have the power and function of a laptop in a slim, lightweight device. Perhaps finally in addition to my public rants I can begin penning down something with more substance, and an actual storyline.


I think I am finally ready to get to work. 2013 — the year I write.

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