Eat your way through Puebla

My absolute favorite part of travel is food. Well, actually, my favorite part of life may be food — followed closely by cuddling, books, movies & baby animals.

While in Mexico, I tend to spend 90% of my time eating. Which makes perfect sense when  you consider where food falls in my pyramid of life priorities. Let me demonstrate:

An Oversimplification of My Life Priorities by Brittany

Travel & Food/Chocolate/Mint Chocolate Ice Cream/Cookie Cake

\\\  ///

Reading & General Cuddling/Cuddling while watching Movies

\\\  ///

Baby Otters/Baby Cats/Baby Dogs/Baby Pandas/Baby Hippos & Other Baby Animals

\\\  ///

Everything Else

As you can see, my needs are simple. Feed me, and everything is gravy; however, lack of feeding results in monstrosity. Case in point, the Bojangles incident whereby I earned the lovely nickname ‘Hulk.’

Luckily, Puebla has a plethora of culinary opportunities to satisfy any palette. You may imagine that in Mexico it’s nothing but tacos and enchiladas — and it is — but there is so.much.more. During my first visit I recounted the delights which are seasoned pork tacos, humongous $6 filets, hot sauce on popcorn and chipotle sushi. I thought I’d eaten my way through most of what Puebla had to offer, but (as rarely ever happens), I was wrong.

Let me tell you now about pinchitos and four-course homecooked meals for 50 pesos.

There is a restaurant in Puebla called Lizarran. It is a Spanish-style establishment which specializes in pinchitos, commonly known as tapas elsewhere. Apparently it is an international chain, but somehow they have erroneously neglected to add Charlotte, North Carolina to their list of locations. In a Brazilian steakhouse fashion, waiters come ’round to your table with a variety of tapas. You pick and choose those you wish to consume and are charged by the piece. My favorites typically have some kind of cheese on them – fresh salmon with cream cheese, chorizo with melted cheese, prosciutto with manchego and crushed tomato, apple or pear with goat cheese, cheesecake… you get the idea. As icing on the metaphorical cake, they have a fantastic selection of wines to accompany your meal at decent prices. May be my favorite concept ever invented.

Today I had a foodie experience that I’m almost certain is reserved for locals (or foreigners who happen to stumble upon it.) There are secret treasures tucked around Puebla where you can imagine an old, wise and crinkly-eyed abuela in the kitchen cooking up her family favorites dating back for generations. There is no menu. Each day offers a four-course meal — soup, second course, meat and dessert — all for 50 pesos. You simply take a seat and enjoy the selections brought to the table. At my first go I was treated to chicken soup with avocado, noodles with jamon and cream sauce, spinach and ham stuffed beef with an apple salad, and cinnamon-spiced rice pudding.  For refreshment, water infused with orange. Everything was fantastic, and given that I can’t (read don’t) cook while I travel, a fresh homestyle meal served as a nice reprieve from the typical indulgent cuisine.

Full belly, full life. True story.

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One thought on “Eat your way through Puebla

  1. Ma Ka says:

    Puebla loves having you here!! come back soon.

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