Bienvenido a Mexico Part Dos

Monday I embarked on my second journey down to our office in Puebla, Mexico. It was a failed attempt and I never made it out of Charlotte. It was also a perfect example of why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, because missing my flight ended up being a wonderful accident.

A delayed flight gave me one more day to say a reluctant goodbye.

A delayed flight gave me 2+ unexpected hours to catch up with a cherished and too-infrequently-seen best friend.

A delayed flight gave me a warm welcome to Puebla by my Mexican BFF as well as my Italian & Russian roomates. We had a Russian’s take on Chinese for dinner – fantastic!

And last but not least, a delayed flight gave my IT team the chance to use me as cheap transport of a laptop and an extra day to setup my email so I could hit the ground running this morning.

During my last visit to Puebla I made lasting friendships and memories. I know these next few weeks will be just as fabulous if not more so. This time we have an even wider array of visitors — Italian, Russian, Lithuanian, Brazilian, Gringa and more. We have wildlife — ducks, chickens, and a bunny. We have nights filled with family dinners, a potential trip to Mexico city and an upcoming Christmas party with a pirate theme.

I can’t wait to tell you the stories.

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