Five (plus one) excuses for why I haven’t blogged in nearly a month —

  1. Although my desk at home is Ikea chic, the tiny little stepstool that serves as a perch for my bum is not the most comfortable of seats.
  2. The funhouse nature of my historic apartment is charming, but also makes the floors uneven. This makes the Ikea stepstool wobble. Discomfort is exponentially increased — and I’m not that dedicated.
  3. I tried to start blogging at work, but then realized they don’t pay me to be witty and entertaining. Their loss.
  4. Thanks to daylight savings ending, it’s dark when I get home at 7 PM. This makes me instantly want to crawl into bed and watch Netflix. Or Hulu. Especially if there is a new Once Upon a Time, New Girl, Revenge, Modern Family…. I just realized I watch entirely too much TV for someone who doesn’t have cable.
  5. I’m holding out so I can start blogging on my new Microsoft Surface. I’m pretty sure it’s going to improve the quality of content by at least 17%. Mainly because I can start blogging from my couch while watching Netflix, or from the bakery down the street while scarfing down Glorious Morning muffins and drinking pumpkin chai lattes. Pumpkin gets the blood flowing and increases creativity. That’s a fact I’m sure.
  6. My talent and success are working against me. I want to blog about people that now follow my blog and find it kinder to keep it all inside. Stop finding me so entertaining so I can mock you in the public space. Please? Just kidding, I actually have an anonymous blog where I can do that. Now you want to go find it, don’t you? Hehehe (evil laugh.)

Thought I’d throw you a bone loyal followers. The next one will be epic. I semi-promise.

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