T minus 6 days and counting

There are only six days, SIX DAYS, until my EXTREME Hike for a Cure. Less than one week until the culmination of three and a half months of weekend hikes and weekly gym sessions.

To date I’ve logged over 130 miles at approximately a 3 mph pace on the trails and in the gym in anticipation of tackling 30.1 miles of sheer elevation peaks and drops in under 14 hours.

You might think I feel fairly well prepared at this point. But I don’t. Not even a little bit. The last hike I managed to fit in was nearly two weeks ago – hey, I have to have some sort of social life — and my legs were sore for days. We managed 15 miles (about half hike day distance) but without nearly the same amount of challenge. By mile 10 or 12 my hamstrings were on fire. If a fellow hiker hadn’t managed to have some ibuprofen in their pack, I may have started to cry. That hike shook any confidence I may have had leading up it.

How the heck am I going to make it twice the distance and with 3x the challenge? I have no clue, but there is no other option. No backing out now. I’ve come this far, and my strategy for the rest of the week until Saturday morning at 4:30 AM when I’m standing at the base of the mountain is simple: denial. I’m going to fake myself out by simply not thinking about it at all.

There is no hike. There is no five-mile, 3000 foot climb. You will not be feeling your way through the dark at 4:30 AM with nothing but the narrow wedge of light emitted by your headlamp.

I may keep repeating these denials all the way to the finish line. Hey, it’s for the kids.

Did I happen to mention that you can still donate to help support this craziness?

To clear up any confusion,  your money does not go towards me having the opportunity to participate in this hike. Your money goes towards Cystic Fibrosis research which has already yielded drugs which may help millions of patients live symptom-free.

90% of all proceeds go directly to this research. My fundraising goal was set based on maintaining this 90%-10% distribution. Less than $250 will be allocated to help with food and accommodations for hike weekend. Since I started off my fundraising with $100 out of pocket, less than $150 raised amongst all of you will contribute directly to hike day.

My hiking is merely for your entertainment. So please, help me support those living with Cystic Fibrosis. There is an added bonus of giving me a virtual high-five.


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