How many Brittanys does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: One, but with a step ladder and six-inch heels.

I have a running theme in my life lately: procrastination. Case in point, the light bulb that’s been burned out in my closet for the last two months.See, I’m 5’2” and I have extremely high ceilings. I’m terrible a guesstimating, but I’m going to say they’re like twenty feet.

Being a single gal, I don’t have a tall person around the house I can nag into doing menial chores for me – so I’ve been getting dressed in the dark for the better part of the summer. Now that things are staying a little bit darker in the mornings, I thought for the sake of my colleagues and friends I’d better get to changing the bulb.

Today, I got my butt in gear and headed down to the Lowe’s (practically a stones throw from my apartment which makes the length of time I put off buying the proper equipment that much more pathetic.) I was told to grab one of those light bulb-changing poles, but I wasn’t sure they’d work for CFLs what with them being all spiraled instead of round, so I went with a three-step ladder instead.

I suppose I assumed that I was normal-person sized and getting a three-foot-plus boost would be enough. Guess what? I am not normal-person sized. But, I am nothing if not persistent and creative when it comes to avoiding returning an unwise purchase. Turns out that with the help of six-inch leopard print platforms I’m able to mount my step ladder and change that bad boy of a light bulb.

Note to self, next time read the fine print.


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