Smurf Island–Reality or Myth?

So apparently I started tripping acid at a very young age. Or, there is once again a government conspiracy geared towards berating the fortress of my sanity. Or, Smurf Island did exist but now there’s a host of dead bodies in unmarked graves where the former child’s paradise used to be – and the mass murderer is working very diligently to wipe the island from the annals of history.

Do an Internet search of Smurf Island and there are only a handful of hits – and less than 20 pictures. The park existed from 1984-1994 (ten whole years!) – how can there be such little record of its existence?

Before the images are striked from the Net forever, I present proof that Smurf Island did in fact exist (and I was not a druggie at age 8.)

Exhibit A – random awkward family photo


Exhibit B – steamboat to Smurf Island


Exhibit C – creepy newspaper clipping which makes me feel I’m getting closer to the murderer’s identity and it is highly likely I’ll begin to hear scratching outside my window….


You decide, did Smurf Island really exist? Or did someone spike the juice boxes back in ‘92?


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3 thoughts on “Smurf Island–Reality or Myth?

  1. Allie says:

    We must have been fed the same acid, because all of this brought back memories of a mushroom house I barely fit in.

  2. Tina Martin says:

    It does exist, i have a picture of myself taken with smurffett in 1985 and i remember the steamboat which i used to love to ride on. wow! good memories of Carowinds from the 80s!

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