The Art of the “Follow Through”

As a single lady for about a year now I have had plenty of exposure to the courting culture of twenty-somethings. Frankly, it’s awful. It seems that as women grow more accomplished in previously male-dominated spheres (i.e. business and athletics) we are undermining the confidence of the opposite sex.

Gents, let me give you a hint — asking a woman out and getting a ‘yes’ is only half the battle. You must follow through.

What do I mean by follow through? I mean pick a place, a time, a day of the week; and preferrably in tandem with the date request — not a week later. There are instances where I have agreed to dates when perhaps the askee was not necessarily someone I had considered before, but their inability to commit to a time or place completely negated my initial appreciation of their ability to take risk a and face possible rejection. Essentially, they lost my interest almost as quickly as it was won.

When we are talking first date, don’t obsess about whether she’ll like your choice of venue — as it is really irrelevant. If she’s said yes, it is because she wants to get to know you better. Unless, she just wants a free meal, in which case she’s a B and it really doesn’t matter if she likes the place, does it?

We may be ulta-competitive when it comes to work or marathons, but when it comes to dating — most girls relish the chance to let the guy lead.

If you find that after getting a girl to agree to let you take her out she’s suddenly no longer responsive, chances are you need to work on your follow through.

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