I’m Still Alive

I’ve been fairly absent from the blogosphere for the last few weeks. I apologize to those who actually follow along with my ramblings — and look forward to them even.

I’ve been abstaining from putting my thoughts into the public space mainly because I’ve got too many of them careening off the walls of my cranium like sugar-crazed five-year-olds in a moon bounce.

Until I sort through the bulk of my current hang-ups (read family, work, boys – and not necessarily in that order), I thought it best to keep my mouth shut for once.

So, to prove I am still alive and still being mildly productive, here are ten things I have accomplished in the last few weeks:

  1. Signed up for 6 weeks of salsa boot camp
  2. Purchased a package of 10 kickboxing classes
  3. Spent about 3 hours and 9 miles on the treadmill
  4. Spent about 3 hours and 9 miles on the trails
  5. Moved up to a more intense hot yoga class
  6. Started reading 3 new books (50 Shades, Anathem, and A Feast for Crows)
  7. Toured the breweries of Asheville, North Carolina
  8. Introduced my visiting Mexican BFF to good Indian food & good sushi in Charlotte
  9. Organized a night of debauchery for my visiting Mexican friends and fellow co-workers
  10. Reconnected with my brother after far too long between our last visit

Not too shabby.


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