I’m Going to Miss Chipotle Sushi

So I’m sitting here on my last Monday in Puebla, listening to the Black Keys and feeling the urge to write, but not entirely sure about what.

I suppose now that I’m nearing the end of my stay (I actually wrote ending the near and re-read and said WTF?! too much wine with dinner!) it is about time to reminisce about the things I’m going to miss about this place. I had my ode to Bojangles, and my lament on life without mani/pedis and massage chairs, but dammit — I really will miss this place.

Sure I’ve gone without the comforts of consistently hot showers, working appliances and decent fried food; but you know what Mexico does have? Cheap tequila. Cheap — and really good — Italian food. Caribbean beaches. A city made of shipping containers, where they ply you with alcohol (again cheap!) Pyramids with churches on top because the Spanish came in and mounted churches on everything.

Tons of opportunities to prove you’re a bad ass. For example, fried bugs. I personally ate a cricket, and no, it didn’t taste like chicken. More like chili powder. They put that shit on everything. Chili crickets, chili mango, chili ice cream, chili popcorn, chili on top of chili — I have yet to find something that does not come with chili. Or salsa. Chili and salsa on everything. Your bag of Ruffles comes with salsa. Your Dominos pizza comes with salsa. Pretty sure you can order a glass of salsa and just chug. They even put salsa in the beer. It is called clamato, and I have yet to partake. I don’t even like Bloody Marys — doubt I’ll be down with tomato-beer.

Way #999 to prove you are a badass in Mexico — mezcal. Stuff smells like burnt rubber and antifreeze. But it has a worm in it. If you can down more than 1 worm — automatic badass. I have failed the mezcal badass test. I limit my bug consumption to chili-covered crickets.

What else am I going to miss? Oh the drama. Mexicans don’t only engage in love triangles, but in love rhombuses. Rhombi? Not really sure the plural, but basically everyone is in love with someone who loves someone else. It makes for great entertainment. I choose to believe all that fiery Latin passion just can’t be content with simplicity. They fall in love fast, and hard — and the more challenging the better. I like to sit back with my salsa-covered popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Don’t read this part unless you want to become mildly nauseous BUT I am totally going to miss my Mexican BFF and all the other absolutely wonderful people I’ve met here. The team I came to train, the rest of the office, and the friends I’ve met through my fabulous tour guide and BFF. As quick as they are to fall in love, they are even quicker to welcome foreigners and share all the wonderful parts of living in Mexico — of embracing your inner Mexican. I’ve learned to Mexico from the absolute best.

Other miscellaneous things I’m going to miss? Lucha libre (Mexican wrestling.) Staring out at a huge mountain as I gaze out the window at work. View of an active volcano from the terrace of our apartment. Happy hours. 3 peso wings. The ladies at Gloria Jean’s that I visit every morning. Lizarran and the best cheap wine and pinchos on the planet. Sobremesa and easy conversations that last for hours. Inside jokes. Laughing constantly. Learning to lighten up and find the humor in life. Perspective.

And the #1 thing I’m going to miss about Mexico? Chipotle and fruit-topped sushi. I live for sushi Tuesday and the yummy goodness that is shrimp rolled up with cream cheese and avocado — topped with fresh mango and spicy chipotle. You just can’t get that back home.

Guess that means I’ll have to come back 🙂


Actual view from my roof. Going to miss this.

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