25 Things To Do Before, During, and Post Turning 25

Diana, this one is for you 🙂

Before —

  1. Travel to and live in another country long enough to step outside your comfort zone, and learn a few new things about yourself.
  2. Say goodbye to your best friends as they head out on their next big adventure, and know that the reunion will be fabulous.
  3. During your own adventures, make new friends that will take up permanent residence in your memories, and in your heart.
  4. Bond with your best friend  on a trip across the ocean, and while listening to really awesome Irish accents.
  5. Be single not because you have to, but because it’s right for right now. Wait to be swept off your feet.
  6. Get in touch with your spiritual side. Find your Zen.
  7. Enjoy a carefree weekend at the beach — turning off the voice of reason for just a little while.
  8. Find the perfect birthday dress.
  9. Indulge your inner foodie.
  10. Drool over Zac Efron and restore your inner romantic.

During —

  1. Take entirely too much time to get ready for work.
  2. Try to relax and enjoy the workday. People have to be nice to you, because it’s your birthday.
  3. If they aren’t nice to you, then be super nice to them anyway, because it’s your birthday.
  4. Compulsively check Facebook, email and text so you can smile with each birthday wish.
  5. Look at 25 as a giant step towards sophistication, rather than the end of both your youth and standby excuse for your rash behavior.
  6. Remember to stop and eat lunch, maybe even go for breakfast. Take it a step further and eat all meals away from your desk.
  7.  Leave on time. (or at least no more than 15 minutes late…maybe 30)
  8. Take entirely too much time getting ready to celebrate.
  9. Enjoy dinner with your fabulous new friends.
  10. Mexico. (verb – see previous post “10 ways to die in Mexico”)

After —

  1. Keep up with your passions — ride a horse, cross off another travel destination, continue to write, and take lots of pictures.
  2. Return home, and move into your fabulous new apartment.
  3. Be optimistic about new beginnings — both professional and personal.
  4. Get in the best shape of your life.
  5. And most importantly, relish every page of this new chapter.

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