Top 10 Reasons I love Playa del Carmen (and may not ever leave)

1. I held a lion cub. It was amazing. And soooo friggin cute!

Me & the lion cub

2. Crystal clear water, white sand. Done.

3. Every morning they fold my towels in a different animal shape. I’ve had a dog, a walrus and an elephant so far.

And I shall name him Fido

4. Beach hair. Why is beach hair so awesome — and yet it is really just my hair in a matted and tangled mess — but somehow a sexy mess?

5. The scenery. And this time I’m not referring to the water ;o)

6. Tequila. Finally I can get margaritas without people looking at me funny. Fact, they don’t actually drink margaritas in Mexico unless you’re in a tourist zone.

7. Beds on the beach, and waiters that bring me drinks.

8. Waffles and fresh pineapple while staring out at the ocean.

9. The dancing.

10. And finally — that I can relax for a change :o)


Happy early birthday to me!


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I love Playa del Carmen (and may not ever leave)

  1. Sofie says:

    You do know those poor lion cubs are abused animals right? What they are doing is illegal and wrong in every way. They drug them to keep them tame, they mis treat and abuse them. Its shocking that this is still going on. And while people keep paying to hold them it will probably never stop. It breaks my heart.

    • lilqwnb says:

      Hello Sofie. I wasn’t actually aware of this at the time, and it certainly breaks my heart to think the adorable little cub may have been abused. I am a huge animal lover and I actually foster for and volunteer with my local SPCA. The lion cup appeared in good health, and even a little playful. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind that it may have been mistreated. I don’t know enough about the issues you’ve referenced, but my hope is that as with many things, perhaps not all people who profit from sharing animals with tourists engage in the same practices as those with abhorrent morals, and that those who are the worst are often showcased as the standard for that business.

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