Mexican Maladies

My immune system is suffering here in Mexico. Back in the states I’m rarely ill — but since heading south I’ve experienced a whole range of maladies from the common cold, to intense allergies and a liquified stomach (to put it mildly.)

It probably doesn’t help that I’m stubborn when it comes to taking medicine. I hardly take anything more intense than a few Ibuprofen tablets once a month if I have a mega headache, or cramps from hell. Once I tried taking Xanax to calm me down before a doctor visit, but it had zero effect. Maybe that’s why I don’t take medicine — I’m not entirely sure what it is and I suspect 99% of the benefit is more mind over matter then any active ingredient.

But if this cold doesn’t clear up before Saturday then I’m trying out one of these Mexican pharmacies with a doc-in-a-box. I’ve heard rumors that you can just walk right in, tell the doc what ails you, and walk out with a prescription for some hardcore miracle drugs. I will give my bedrest and reading treatment one more night, and then I’m getting some drugs.

My Mexican BFFneeds me on Saturday, because we are in a beer pong tournament and it’s the first time the boys have let her play.

Since others are depending on me, I suppose I can set aside my skepticisum and take some questionable powdered or encapsulated substance with a name disguised so you don’t know it’s actually sheep intestine with a dash of duck bile and a sprinkle of baking soda for authenticity.

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One thought on “Mexican Maladies

  1. Kristin says:

    Haha, I can relate to that. Not that I have been sick a lot here, but I, too, hate taking medicine. A fact that drives my husband crazy.
    But you know what they say would help against a cold: one part of tequila with one part lime juice and one part sugar. And for a sore throat: garlic, bougainvillea blossoms and honey. Yikes.
    Otherwise, I also heard that “Doctor Simi” was very good… Good luck and get well!

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