Ninja Mosquitos and Newscasting Spiders

So I’ve made tons of statements on all the things I love about Mexico — the food, the people, the sites — but let me tell you about the one thing so far that I really don’t like:

I don’t like the bugs.

But, I do love that when sitting around finding things non-work related to talk about, we have established some reputable facts about los insectos that inhabit this beautiful region.

See I never actually see any of them, and this is because there are two varieties of mosquito here in Mexico. There is the Mexican mosquito. He sports a sombrero and el mustachio and flys around saying “ayayayayayayaya – aribe!”

Unfortunately with the growing popularity of sushi in Mexico, there has been another addition to the delicate ecosystem. This lovely specimen is the Ninja Mosquito imported from Japan. These are the ones that keep getting me. They are silent — but carry around these huge samurai swords that leave holes the size of medium gauge hypodermic needles. I. hate. Ninja. Mosquitos.

Ninja Mosquito

And then there are the Mexican spiders. Apparently they are more courteous than American spiders, because they proceed to update you on the latest newscast as they are crawling towards you with the intention of eating you. They too don the customary dress of sombrero and mustache. One visited me a few nights ago while I was sleeping. I kept trying to shut up his repeat of the volcano report — but he just proceeded to bite me repeatedly all along my arm.

The bugs we have actually seen are far less entertaining then those described above. We have an ant infestation in our kitchen — which we have kindly offered to allow our friends to harvest for their escamoles, or ant tacos. Apparently the kitchen variety ants aren’t such a delicacy, because we haven’t had any takers.

And finally, the one that freaks me out the most is the tiny scorpion Trey found in his bathroom. I’m really hoping it just made it in when they were carrying up our washer, because if I see another one I may be moving back into the hotel.

I have yet to see a cockroach, and  as long as I can make it through my stay without meeting one, Mexico will stay muy bueno in my book.

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One thought on “Ninja Mosquitos and Newscasting Spiders

  1. Kristin says:

    Hahaaa, I know exactly what you are talking about! The first thing I came across when I started unpacking the first of our 147 boxes that had made their journey from Seattle to Playa del Carmen, was a GIANT cockroach. I like to think of myself as Lara Croft, but when it comes to bugs – not so much. More the chicken type. But then I started to give them names. My first cockroach was Walther and he lived under our dryer. A couple of days later, I found him lying with his legs up on the floor, and though I would love to say I felt sorry for him, I didn’t. I am still not very fond of finding cockroaches in my kitchen cabinets, but naming them helps. Just a little advice for your possible future encounter…
    Saludos from Playa! And yes, those mosquitos are vicious!

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