I Miss Bojangles Biscuits.

So I had my first mini breakdown today. Pretty stellar considering I’ve been running on very little sleep and an inconsistent food schedule. For those who don’t know me well, I morph into an evil she-monster when lacking food or sleep. Once when I was in high school I got this craving for blueberry muffins. It was all I wanted in the entire world, but I couldn’t find the muffin pan. I proceeded to throw a tantrum and pull out every single pot and pan we had searching for the damn thing — and I didn’t do this quietly mind you. There may have also been some crying involved.

5 minutes later my stepmother came downstairs and calmly explained that it was under the stove. At this point I decided I didn’t want muffins anymore, and went to my room.

I like to think that I’ve experienced some personal growth since I was fourteen, but every now and then I encounter a minor setback. Like today for instance, when the Irish pub didn’t have French fries and I pitched a fit. All I wanted was some American food. Some fried chicken, and most of all, cheese fries. What I really wanted was Bojangles. Some seasoned fries, and a Cajun chicken biscuit. But, I was happy to settle for something on the menu that I didn’t need a translator to figure out what the hell it was. But no. No papas fritas para mi.

So there I am tired from too little sleep. Starving because I hadn’t had a proper meal since lunch two days before. Nauseous from too many cervezas. And mildly sunburnt from a day in the sun watching futbol. All I wanted was dinner, and to be able to order without my waitress shaking her head and rattling off something in Spanish that I couldn’t even start to compute because my brain was just fried (like the food I really wanted to eat.)

So my immature fourteen-year-old persona made an appearance. Knowing that my mood was only going to darken further if I remained around people, I made the decision to go home. Less than 1o minutes later I immediately regretted the whole thing and was incredibly embarassed. Hopefully everyone will just assume I’m channeling my inner fiery Latina. Hey, when in Mexico right?

Today defintely wasn’t all bad. In fact, it was pretty awesome. I went to my first professional soccer match and it was a wonderful experience — beer showers and all. I have so much to catch you up on, but este noche yo necesito a duermo. Mañana voy a escribir más.

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2 thoughts on “I Miss Bojangles Biscuits.

  1. Sarah says:

    When I was studying in Spain I decided I wanted snickerdoodles. There was no reason to crave them, but I did. I spent hours (seriously, HOURS) looking for vanilla and almost had a breakdown because I couldn’t find cream of tartar. I spent 8 hours assembling the ingredients and baking them damn cookies.

    Homesickness makes you do crazy things.

  2. Jenna says:

    Hahaha yes mi amor ya te vas a tener que acostumbrar a la comida mexicana 🙂 You will be further upset to hear that I had the most orgasmic gravy cheese fries on Friday night! It’s ok, I will live vicariously through your Mexican culinary adventures, and you through my devouring of cheese fries. Love and miss you!

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