Bienvenido a Mexico!

I’m almost a week into my trip — and I am thoroughly enjoying Puebla. Puebla is like this little bubble in Mexico — a calm amidst the storm if you will. I haven’t been remotely concerned about my safety. Even the “machismo” I’ve heard so much about hasn’t been that bad. I’ve experienced fantastic food, and even more fantastic people. Mexico is unlike anywhere else I’ve travelled so far. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and more than happy to show you around.

Rather than scoff at your attempts to blunder through their language, they are eager to teach you. I’ve picked up on quite a few useful phrases. Like “no cebolla” means no onion. Crucial for me because they love to put onions in everything. Little pieces of my Spanish are coming back. I can order food like a champ. Very important since meal time is probably what I look forward to most each day.

In Mexico they know how to cook meat. Back home I’m more a pasta and potatoes kinda gal. Here, I’ve enjoyed filets for 145 pesos (or about 12 bucks) that are some of the best I’ve ever had; I’ve had “pastor con tortillas de maiz” — which is this beautifully seasoned pork haunch that they carve and put in a taco with a little pineapple and cilantro; I’ve had spicy chicken tacos con queso y avocado crema; and I’ve had the best Lasagna Bolognesa in existence — they put a drizzle of pesto on top — perfecto!

Next to the food, the cerveza is probably my favorite. And it’s cheap. At the concert I went to this week they gave you 40 oz for 40 pesos! (that’s less than 4 bucks.)

Me & my coworker Trey enjoying muy grande cervezas. We went with the small ones! There were 90 oz cans!

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