Believe me when I say that I am…

… complicated.

Determined to be selfish. Dead-set on travelling the world. Hard to tame. Even harder to pin down.



Always in my head. Overanalyzing. Rarely in the moment. Terrible at talking about how I feel. Worse at showing it.

Prone to word vomit. Quick to apologize. Rarely hold a grudge.

Loyal. Open-minded. Stronger than I look. Softer than I let on.

Hate being wrong. Relish being right. Savor a good argument.

A nerd. A gamer. A dreamer. A writer.

A hopeless but jaded romantic.

A martyr.

Cranky when I’m tired. Evil when I’m hungry. Silly when I’m drunk.

My own worst critic.

Flawed. Imperfect. Confused. Terrified.



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