The Only thing I’ll Miss is the Plumbing

I’m a week returned from my fabulous voyage overseas to England & Ireland. It was an amazing trip – but seems so far away. This is probably because I left freezing rain to return to Carolina blue skies and eighty degree weather. Hard to believe it was only a little over a week that I was bundled up and wandering the streets of Dublin.

Needless to say it was an amazing experience. My favorite part about travelling to Europe (although don’t include England in the Europe category when talking to actual Brits, they find it highly offensive) — is all the old. You are just surrounded by it. Old ass churches, old ass castles and perhaps my favorite – little old Irish ladies that know the words to more songs then I know the names of.

I’ve officially decided it is my life mission to become an ex-pat. I will live in another country. I just feel that I need to – deep down to my bones. I mean, just look at it!



The only thing I’ll miss if I move is the plumbing. I’m fairly certain the showers are biased against Americans. Every time I showered I had about 30 seconds of scalding hot water immediately followed by 30 seconds of ice. And don’t get me started on the toilets…

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