My Excitement Manifests as Procrastination

Long time no blog, I know. My deepest apologies to my small crowd of loyal followers. See I have been wicked busy trying to be a rock star at work while also plotting to further my aspirations of becoming a professional World Traveler. And so far, I’m winning.

Tomorrow I board a jet plane and head across the glimmering Atlantic (which I won’t actually see since I strategically planned my 7 hour flight to depart at 8 PM – this way I board the plane, watch a movie and Voila! I’ve crossed a few time zones and found myself in the land of fish and chips.)

My mother and I are finally taking our long talked about trip to England and Ireland. Since at my best approximation I’m about 23% English and Irish, I’m practically going to visit my homeland. Or, at least I’m knocking out one of the 6.

This isn’t my virgin voyage to London, as I was lucky to finagle a trip to our London office around this time last year. Last time was mostly business, but I did manage to do a whirlwind sightseeing session (I am pretty sure visiting Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Piccadilly all in under 2 hours is a new world record.) Below is my proof that I’m not making this up.

BB 3 (2)

London Bridge BW (2)

LP 2 (2)

This time around I’m completely playing the part of tourist. I’m slightly freaked by the fact that I don’t have every detail planned, but I’ll be traveling with my best friend (mi madre), and then meeting up with my other best friend who will happen to be in Newcastle at the same time (moderately planned) – so I’m pretty sure this will be a fan-freaking-tastic experience. Here are my goals for this trip:

  1. Listen to a lot of awesome accents
  2. Take a TON of awesome pictures
  3. See a bunch of cool. ass. stuff.
  4. Meet by BFFs boyfriend
  5. Make sure my mom has a rockin’ time

Did I mention I’ll be in Dublin on St Patty’s day?! This is one of the reasons I’m writing this blog post instead of beginning to pack – because my excitement manifests itself as procrastination. By the time this night is through I will likely only have managed to charge my camera and purchase a new book for my Kindle. If I know me (which I think I do) then I won’t put a single item in my suitcase until about an hour before I’m supposed to head to the airport. But that’s OK, because all I really need is my camera and my passport, and those are ready to go :o)

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