Zombied–(adj.) capable of bodily function while the brain is technically dead

So, I’m officially zombied. This week has drained me of all brain power, and my grey matter has been reduced to mush. Therefore, while this post will be (hopefully) well-illustrated, the written content may be slightly lacking.

I browsed the Web looking for images to accurately convey my state of mind, and I must say I am quite impressed with the artistic range available to the casual peruser (yes I made this word up, but it is better than all the other actual words.) Prepare to geek out. Enjoy!

The Classic graphic novel Zombie, notice the vacant expression and the slight tilt of the neck indicating they hardly have the energy to keep up their own head. This is probably most accurate of how I feel at the moment.


The Zombie actress. Tearing into that foot long. Hollywood tramp.


Chuck Norris as a Zombie. Or rather, as the cure to the Zombie virus. Let’s all pray to God we’re in Texas when the Zombie apocalypse strikes. We’ll chuck Chuck at ‘em, and then instead of an army of undead, we’ll have an army of Chuck Norris! Back the f*ck off terrorists. America, f*ck yeah!


Well, they aren’t technically Zombies, but, they are within the theme. If I do become an actual Zombie, then I’d want to be up against these broads. How the hell are you going to defend against a Zombie attack in a g-string? Waaaay to much exposed flesh. I mean really, did you see Zombie Strippers? (Yes, I have seen Zombie Strippers – twice in fact. Jenna Jameson kicks ass as a Zombie. There was no actual sex in the movie, so it’s probably the only non-porno Jenna’s ever done. I suppose this qualifies her as almost a real actress.) But I digress – moral of the story, if you want to avoid a Zombie bite, wear a wet suit. Otherwise, you’re screwed.


The Zombie image you wish you could un-see. I apologize for this one, but I needed others to share in my horror, and be equally scarred.


And, to make up for the last image – Zombie Cat! My personal favorite. (Insert cat lady joke here – may I suggest, “Guess it’s true that cats will eat you when you die.”


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