Why cats are like perpetual infants (which is why we domesticate and not exterminate)

Cats are like perpetual infants. Here I shall list the reasons why:

  1. They eat.
  2. They sleep.
  3. They poop.
  4. They do little else.
  5. Anytime they want to eat, they cry.
  6. Right before they poop, they cry.
  7. If you do not allow them to eat to the excess they want, then they knock things over — and cry.
  8. At times they poop in places you’d prefer they not.
  9. If you already have a furry little child, dating can be a bitch. Just like real children, cats make men flee.
  10. When they sleep (which is 75% of the time thank god) they curl up real close and the methodical rhythm of their purring is like a living Brookstone’s sound machine. Their warm little bodies are snuggled up next to you (or on you), and they look all innocent and peaceful — so much so that despite all the mischief and grief they’ve caused you all day, you unconditionally love them.

The snuggle factor alone is why instead of cat extermination services — we have adoption centers.

Here’s my little pest, and the best snuggler ever.


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