Death of an Electric Toothbrush

Yesterday evening I lost one of my most loyal companions of the past four years. At 10:42 PM EST on January 16th, 2012 I carefully laid to rest Mr Philip S. Sonicare.

It was a sad day. I shed a few tears.

Some of you may find it strange that I formed such an attachment, but alas, you must not know the pleasure of having your pearly whites polished to perfection with the gentle hum of sonic powered bristles.

He was thoughtful — providing a pleasant little beep when it was time to switch from top to bottom, front to back.

He was thorough — every trip to the dentist was met with glowing accolades for the state of my oral hygiene.

He knew how to communicate — when Philip was feeling low on juice, he pulsed a luminescent yellow to tell me he needed a little pick me up, a little charge.

The one thing he was not apparently, was built to last. Looks like I’m upgrading to a newer model. (Quarter life crisis anyone?)


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